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Hatfield Dog Collar

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Hatfield Pet Specialties - Collar & Leash

Combinations Where Safety Comes First

(These Will Not Slip Off) As a practicing veterinarian for 35 years, I observed many instances when a reluctant dog would pull back on his leash and slip his collar over his head and be free to run into traffic, or resist being caught. The patented "Leash Collar" will fit any size dog. You simply loosen the cambuckle, make a loop, put it around the dog's neck, tighten it enough that it will not slip off, and lock the cambuckle. It will neither tighten or loosen at this point. Our collars are made of nylon mesh that is light weight, washable and will grow with your dog. That’s right! because of the cambuckle design you simply adjust the size as your dog grows. This adjustable feature ensures you have total control over your pet as they grow to make sure your pet doesn’t get free and possibly get hurt or lost. All of these are great reasons to buy our Hatfield Control Dog Collars but the best reason is the price; all of our collars are under $5 and sold all over the nation including Walmart Online & Walmart Stores.

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Collar & Leash Combo Specific colors may be purchased at your local Walmart store or below. Wholesales direct sales available for shelters & dog rescue organizations. Please email for more info. drchas@cox.net
Accept No Substitutions....We Are The Real McCoy!

Hatfield Pet Specialties

2 in 1 Collar & Leash

Fits All Dogs Quick & Easy Adjustments Unique Cambuckle Will Not Choke or Loosen
Neon Pink
Hunter Orange
Leash w/ Control Loop Red
Leash w/ Control Loop Black